Welcome to the Aggie Coding Club!

Aggie Coding Club provides the students of Texas A&M University that are interested in software development the opportunity to explore their careers and passions through projects, meetings, and workshops. The club also provides a community where members can benefit from valuable networking opportunities and learn from each other.



learn something new every week in our ACC meeting


create a coding project with other ACC members


get to know other coders through our events!

Company Talks

network and learn about companies each week


Aggie Coding Club is open to all Texas A&M students regardless of coding experience or major at any point during the semester. There is no dues and no application forms. Simply start attending our weekly meetings!

Follow the link below to join our Discord to connect and be informed of our meeting times.


Mondays from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm in room 118 in the Peterson Building


Build something cool together

Aggie Coding Club offers learning and progress oriented projects to students to work on in teams throughout the semester. Students are able to apply skills they have learned in the classroom and gain new skills while developing new technologies. ACC project’s welcomes all level of experience to join.

Applications to join a project open at the start of each semester.

Or start something awesome

Do you have a great project idea ? Are you interested in learning more about project management? You might want to consider becoming a project manager.

Project manager applications open at the start of each semester. Contact project officers for any questions regarding projects.


Rev Registration

Rev Registration is an automatic class scheduler for Texas A&M, that generates schedules given the courses a student would like to take and what preferences they have.


Gesture is a desktop application that allows the user to control various applications through hand gestures like opening browsers at numerous links using AI technologies

Aggie Engine

AggiEngine is a 2D game engine, designed for making game development easier. AggiEngine provides GUI, physics, state management and more


Computer Science' 23
Dakshika is a junior majoring in Computer Science, who loves writing and playing the keyboard. In her free time, you can find her cooking or watching Netflix!
Dakshika Srivastava
Projects Officer
Industrial and System Engineering' 22
During his free time, Brady enjoys doing game and app development. When he's not busy programming, he likes to play the guitar and watch Mr. Robot.
Brady Langdale
Projects Officer
Computer Engineering' 22
Andrew is interested in software development. His other interests include coffee, photography, and chess.
Andrew Fennell
Projects Officer
Computer Science' 25
Casey is a sophomore Computer Science major who only occasionally refers to herself in the third person. She enjoys drawing, cooking, and scrolling endlessly on twitter.
Casey Pei
Workshops Officer
General Engineering' 24
Sofia loves all things programming especially servers. When she isn't working or programming, she is most likely playing Wizard101 or Spelunky.
Sofia Ortega
Events and Marketing Officer
Finance '23
Rebekah is a senior Finance major. In her free time she enjoys road trips, watching movies, and reading.
Rebekah Garcia
Events and Marketing Officer
Psychology and Computer Science '24
Jay is a Psychology Computer Science double major. In her free time she trains service dogs and rock climbs!
Jay De Vera